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Hi. I’m Ashley. I’m the working hands behind this little business and I’m delighted you’re here! I wanted to take a moment to share with you a little about me, my brand, my business, and my babies! 

So let’s get with it! I’m the one with the brainy ideas and never ending list of to-do’s. I spend my days growing my business and babies. My hobbies include playing outside with my kids, making lists upon list, enjoying a clean house, and planning my what’s next! I like to imagine myself a step ahead however, I usually fall short and find myself 3 steps behind. Last week for example, I woke up, thought I had life figured out for the day, only to learn that my oldest didn’t take his show and tell. Didn’t take, as in, never even picked it out to take. My dreams include growing my business into success, what’s considered success these days? —that’s for another day! Growing my babies into decent, loving humans, and blogging my life—funny, considering I suck at writing and sometimes I make up words that don’t even exist. But hey, everyone can dream, right?! I’ll never claim to be a good writer but I do promise if you stay with me through the misspellings and grammar errors, I’ll show you some super cute outfit ideas and maybe even teach ya something about my business that ya didn’t know and if we are real lucky share with you some of my personal mom moments that will make you feel like a super star!

I’m married to Daniel —the behind the scenes guy who does all. the. things. He’s my Mr. fix it, can do anything, the calm to my every storm, my reality check when my ideas get cray, and the best baby daddy to our sweet kiddos! Speaking of kiddos—We have 3. Sawyer (4–almost 5) Eleanor (3) and Silas (1 1/2).

Sawyer’s duties include checking the mail and greeting the UPS man when he delivers our S+C goodies. Eleanor is my personal stylist, and while she would prefer me wear “that beautiful dress”, the same exact one, every day, she also enjoys reminding me that I look “so pretty” in my typical leggings, t shirt, and tennis shoes. Silas —our baby, he enjoys opening every. single. package that comes in and rearranging my shop no less than 10X each visit. Oh. And he simply adores the dials on my machine. Mmmm. I have anxiety just thinking about those dials.

Ok, enough about us, let’s get back to business...I started this little business on my kitchen island in the summer of 2013, I was making vinyl printed tees for my kiddos and had just began the stay-at-home-Mom endeavor. With nap time on my hands and creativeness in my heart, I set out to make one of a kind designs that were perfect for not only my kids but everyone else’s too! I threw a quick name on my new found hobby, and Sweet Tees Clothing Co. soon grew into a little space in my laundry room where I continued to work, making new designs and keeping up my awesome customers —oh, and my growing family too. 

My little side hustle soon became more like a full time job keeping up with orders and I started to slowly shape the brand that I had envisioned from day 1. In the fall of 2017 I sweet talked my husband into buying a 1975 go-tag-along camper that would be completely renovated into my clothing store on wheels known as “Sweetie”. After weeks of intense renovation, we hit the road! Stopping at all the local pop up shops, barn markets, and farmer markets along the way! 

Fast forward to a mere 6 months ago, my cousin, a business owner herself, had just opened up her salon in a new location. She had the absolute perfect extra space in her new business to allow another brick and mortar location that would make the prime space for a small clothing shop. After weeks of decision making, praying, and complete rebranding, I decided that a small brick and mortar location for my business would be ideal! Two months later on May 2nd, 2018 I held those huge over sized sissors and cut the ribbon marking the grand opening to my very own brick and mortar clothing shop! This business has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things. While owning a business is far from lollipops and rainbows, it gives me so much satisfaction in knowing that this is me. Yes, I’m a Mom and wife first, but I’m also Ashley. And Seedlings+Co. helps define who I am as a person. It’s just my thing! 

Today I’m heading down a new path. A scary, yet very rewarding path of many fears and unknowns. Today I closed that shop door at 1501 for the last time. On Wednesday I will open the door to a brand new location downtown. While I’m sad to be leaving behind a wonderful place and many friends, I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to grow my business even more. Our downtown is an amazing place with tons of new things being implemented continually and I cannot wait to be a part of it! My new space is allowing me to broaden my selections and offer even more handmade and curated items to our community. I have several handmade items, made by Moms just like me all around the country and right here in Jackson County who use their talents to help support their families. How amazing it is to have the opportunity to support these makers! I hope you all can stop in soon and see my new location downtown and check out the many goods I have to offer. 

 READY. SET. GROW. (That’s our motto!) 



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