SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween Costume Ideas!

We are already 1 week into one of my favorite months of the year, OCTOBER! Prior to kids, Halloween really wasn’t on my radar other than the occasional dress up to drink adult beverages party type of thing. After becoming a Mom, Halloween began sparking a deeper interest in finding my kiddos the “perfect” costume. Once I had multiple children dressing up went to an all new psychotic level. At this point it’s a family affair! Planning for my entire family’s outfits has now became one of my favorite hobbies —I call them hobbies because it seems I have no real “hobbies” other than dressing children and decorating. I know, I’m pretty boring.🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share our last 5 years of Halloween costumes! This years planning is taking shape and the Ninja Turtle gear has been arriving here and there in the mail!🙌🏻 I’d love to hear what you have planned for your kiddos! Drop me a comment below!👇🏼

2013 —Our little cowboy Sawyer was only a few weeks old here.

 2014– Scuba Sawyer! Complete with his favorite at the time, his paci! 

2015– Our very own cop + robber! 

2016– Peter Pan + Tinker Bell (They never want to grow up!😉)

2017– Into the night to save the day, PJ mask are on the way! Escorted by Romeo and Luna girl of course!🤣


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