The BIG news.

If you follow S+C on social media, tuned into our live feed from today, or are personal friends with me than you know the BIG news we spilled!! We’re MOVING! Goodness, I still can’t get used to saying that. I’m going to be completely open with you on this —I’m nervous! Most of you know that I have been running this little biz for almost 4 years now BUT I’ve only had a brick and mortar location for about 4 months!! 4 months! That isn’t a very long time obviously and the idea of moving so quickly scares the ever living crap right out of me buuuut as I said in my last blog post, success doesn’t come from not taking chances (let’s hope I don’t choke on my words later) right?! Haha! But really, I’m excited as heck for this and I hope you all are too! Before moving into my adorable little location I’m in at the moment I had big dreams of opening downtown, at that time there wasn’t a location to accommodate what I needed. Well guess what, my dream location opened, and guess what else, I couldn’t say no! I’ve been blessed to offer you all something that our town was looking for. And I am even more blessed to know that I can now broaden my options and offer even more in my new {larger} space! 

It’s such a bittersweet move as I’m beyond thrilled to have more space and be in a prime downtown location that has my heart but I am also so sad to be leaving my amazing cousin, Kelli, and her fabulous team of stylist at Simply Chic. Having a space there at her salon has been nothing short of amazing. I have enjoyed working beside her and also growing relationships with her team. I will greatly miss them all! 

If you’re local, I’m moving into what used to be the Java Joint. 120 North Chestnut Street in Seymour. My first day of business in the new space will be September 5th!

Stop by and see me!



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