Three Months In—Who knew?!

While having dinner with my family and discussing our last three months in business as Seedlings+Co. I had an epiphany —you know, one of those epic ah hah moments where I realized that everything I love about what I do is a possibility. It was at this point that I questioned whether linking a blog to my website was even an option (I’m not the most technically inclined person you’ll ever met). Much to my surprise it wasn’t only an option it was an extremely easily done task! 

It’s been just over 3 years ago since I started a business. I ran my little business out of the house, hustling up the local markets and shows in Indiana. A year ago last month I purchase “Sweetie” my vintage camper and started playing gypsy on the road with my creations and building more of a customer base. Just over three months ago I set out to make more dreams a reality and announced our small brick and mortar location here in our hometown of Seymour, IN. The past three months have been nothing short of amazing. I have met some of the greatest customers and put tons of names with a face. Faces have become familiar and customers have become friends. There certainly is something to say about having a customer relationship! 

Honestly, I began writing this blog post with not a ton to say but rather a full heart so I will leave you with this...When you see an opportunity to do what you love with whom you love, don’t wait. Don’t find yourself as a sitting duck out of fear of rejection or failure. The “what if’s” will haunt you like a ghost in the night and the devil will be constantly at your back telling you that failure will come. The future is often times a very scary place to imagine —so many unknowns. But I’ve found one thing to be so true in my time here on earth, it is always better to at least try rather than to never know. Make your dreams a reality and set out to conquer. Failure is always an option is success. No successful person ever got to the place they are by not taking a chance. 



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