What’s stopping you?

If I’m being honest with myself, I do not have the credentials to tell anyone how to live their life. However, I do have one peice of advice to bring to the table that I feel everyone needs to hear. And by hear, I mean read the words I’m about to say and let them sink into your head and really think hard about what sets your soul on fire, what makes you happy, and lastly, what makes your heart flutter when you think about the life you live. So here it goes..If YOU never chase your dreams, YOU will NEVER catch them. There it is friends. The best advice that I will more than likely EVER have for you in my lifetime.

I would be lying if I told you that chasing dreams comes easy, because it doesn’t. It’s exhausting. It’s relentless. Sometimes it even proves to be more than you can handle. But I can promise you this, when you get to the top of that hill, it feels so so good. Here’s a little insight on my dreams, because I’m sure when you read “hill” you questioned why I wouldn’t have written mountain. When I set goals, whether they be business related or personal ones, I don’t make them unrealistic or so hard to obtain that I would be burnt out of trying before I even made it half way to the top. Let’s break this down, instead of becoming overwhelmed with your dream and obtaining it, start by setting goals to get you where you’re going. Instead of trying to climb a mountain when you’re out of shape, climb the hill. Once you climb that hill, climb another, then another —you get the idea. And since we’re on the topic, I don’t want to get to the top of a mountain and stop. My dreams of success don’t stop at the top of a mountain, and yours shouldn’t either! 

Like you, a new year means new goals, places I want to take my business, dreams of building a brand that people love and want. Those dreams won’t happen overnight and my list of goals won’t be checked off quickly but dedication and perseverance will pay off and little by little I will climb each hill to make it to the top. It may not happen in 2019 but it will happen. 

Here’s my tip: Don’t set unrealistic goals for 2019 and become so overwhelmed that you throw in the towel come February. 

I’ve set so, so many goals in the past almost 4 years that I cannot even begin to tell you a fraction of them. But I can tell you this, success as a small entrepreneur doesn’t always look the same as success in New York Times Magazine. That doesn’t mean you aren’t successful. If it makes your heart happy, it’s a success in my book.

There is no question in how reaching your goals can make you feel, no question is what rising above the odds when it seems everything is against you feels like, no question in what an incredible sense of pride you get when making people smile with your products or expertise. That only leaves one question, what’s stopping you??

Happy New Year!



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