Meet Us

Hi there!
We're the Bohalls! My husband Daniel and I live with our 4 kiddos in rural southern Indiana. I originally launched this little business as Sweet Tee's Clothing Co. in the summer of 2015 when I became a stay at home mom after our 2nd baby was born. I was a Mama on a mission busting out handmade designed shirts from our kitchen island. In 2016 I talked my hubs into buying an old vintage camper to which we spent several weeks renovating and making into my mobile shop on wheels! I hit the road that fall and loved every second of spreading the news about my brand and meeting so many amazing people along the way at pop up shops + markets in Indiana! In the beginning of 2018 the opportunity arose to open a brick and mortar in my hometown, I reluctantly took that opportunity, changed the name to better suit all that I had in store for this brand, and haven't looked back since! 4 months after opening my first storefront, my dream location in our downtown became available. I was scared. But even more so than that, I was driven. Driven to keep pushing towards my dreams and what I envision for this business. Sooo here I am living my best life with all the ones I love. Pushing myself to be someone my children are proud of, someone they look up to, and someone who inspires them to always chase their dreams. After all, they are the reason for all of it. I have based this entire brand on motherhood. A place where Mama's unite, where they want to share their stories, and most of all where they feel comfortable! Seeing other Mama's embrace this brand is indescribable + fills my heart with so much joy it is unreal.
Thank you for being here, we love new friends!
XO- Ashley